Zeofill is our top choice for a pet odor eliminator .  We use Zeofill as one of our infills that gives the best results in eliminating odors. We can also use it in combination with other infill options.  Other benefits of Zeofill are seen when used on playgrounds and sports fields.

Pet Odor Eliminator Infill

Our residential synthetic turf is most often infilled with silica sand.  But when you have pets that are using the grass for waste, we have better options to help keep out odors.  Zeofill is our newest addition to selection of infills that helps prevent and eliminate pet odors from your pets waste.  Our intention is to offer the best pet odor eliminator infill options  so that synthetic grass is an option for every yard. The one thing to remember is there are no guarantees or sure fired remedies. Dog urine stinks.

Zeofill is a new technology that requires little to no maintenance because it uses the rain to activate the granules. Watering in between rain showers can be beneficial also.   Zeofill is made up of microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial absorbents.  This means that the granules absorb cations such as calcium, sodium, ammonium, and potassium; and also water.  In other words, it acts like a magnet which holds liquids, such as ammonia, for long periods of time.  Zeofill will help prevent odors from pet urine and solid waste because it is absorbed into the granules and its odor is eliminated.

We have found a couple situations where Zeofill has not resolved the odor issue. One is when there are one or more large dogs using the area for waste that is just too much for the area.  Another situation is the chemical make up of the dogs urine itself.  Depending on breed and diet, the dogs urine can have a stronger odor than others.  Even with these situations, products such as Zeofill and other infill options can still deter odor more than silica sand, even if not completely.

Why We Choose Zeofill With Durafill

When installing artificial turf for any yard with pets, Cascade Greens always recommends a combination of Zeofill and Durafill as an infill alternative.  Though it is a small additional price to the installation, it is well worth its money in the long run.  The combination of Zeofill and Durafill eliminate and deter odor as well as bacteria growth.  Along with different infill options, we also offer an antimicrobial synthetic turf to make a complete pet solution package for your yard.


Best Practices With Pet Odor Eliminator

Cascade Greens always suggest regular maintenance on your turf yard, including daily maintenance with pets.  The best remedy we have found is to pick up solid waste daily and heavily water the area to flush the urine and allow the Zeofill to work.  No synthetic yard is totally without maintenance. But with our best options of synthetic turf and pet odor options, maintenance is minimal.


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