Winter Maintenance Tips for Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is very low maintenance but it does require some. You will surely recognize this over time and a good time to address some of those is prior to the winter months to help make sure your synthetic turf reach its maximum possible lifespan.

Leaves and Your Synthetic Turf

This is a good time to address the leaves and other tree-shedding debris that frequently decorate your synthetic turf.  They show up with or without invitation.  Now, you are not dealing with a natural lawn so they will not “kill” the grass, nor will they biodegrade as quickly.  But they will mat the turf.  So on a dry day, get that leaf blower out and get the leaves off the turf. Same with the apples from the apple tree, the needles from the pine tree, etc.  Clean ‘er up!

Snow and Your Synthetic Turf

The easiest way to tackle this issue is to prevent snow from ever hitting your turf! If you figure out how to do that, please let us know! Snow and ice are a little hazardous for those of you who are playing or running on the turf, but of course what icy surface isn’t? The nice part is, it stays green and never turns to mud and you don’t have to reseed in the spring. But when the snow outlasts its welcome, it may have a tendency to mat. That can be addressed in the spring. For now, don’t use snow removal machines that can be used on grass because it may tear up the fill in the turf.

Here are a few things you can do to get the snow off your synthetic lawn:

  • Use a snow blower. This is probably the most effective way to get the snow off of your turf in a hurry if it is dry snow.
  • But be careful! Don’t dig into the snow, simply attempt to scrape it off the surface without damaging the fill.
  • Salt melts ice and will have NO effect on the color or harm your grass in any way.
  • Wait it out. If it’s a moderately light snowfall and it’s sunny out, it might be best to wait it out. Once the snow melts, our turf will dry quickly, which means it’ll be perfect to play on!

Reflections and Your Synthetic Turf

Read your warranty!  Reflections from glass/windows and other reflective objects can cause damage to grass by melting or discoloration. Make changes to remove these reflections as this is not covered by warranty. Options to repair melted or discolored grass are to cut out the affected area and replace with undamaged turf.

Damage and Your Synthetic Turf

In the event any damage has occurred during normal use or accidentally, please call us to diagnose the problem, attempting to fix the problem yourself may cause permanent damage and may void the warranty, so please call first!

Professional Service and your Synthetic Turf

We are happy to help you with any maintenance issues. We offer “spruce-ups” throughout the year. Our “spruce ups” are for putting greens AND lawns, getting the debris cleaned off before the winter, or freshening it up in the spring or before an event.  Our maintenance packages include power brooming, blowing off debris, adding infill, weed control, disinfecting turf, and dog odor control. Packages for putting greens are also for re-compacting the greens if the roll is rough. Prices vary depending on size and location and professional services can be scheduled as needed, annually or monthly, depending on your need.

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