Turf Meltdown: From the Ashes in West Linn

What do you do with a bunch of lemons? Make lemonade, of course! This year, we had an interesting experience with a client. In 2015, we installed a beautiful DT Natural turf lawn in their lovely West Linn backyard. This past spring a neighbor had a fire on their lot that burned through our clients’ fence and melted a 100-200 square foot section of turf. What a predicament! Luckily, we had already planned to return this summer to complete the front yard. With a bit of creative genius, we were able to make the most out of a not-so-fun situation. Here are the details.

The Original Job

We got a call from West Linn, so we went on out to meet and take a look at the yard. We suggested he replace both the back and front yard, but the client settled on just the back for this year. He planned to replace the grass in the front yard the following year (2016). A perfectly reasonable choice for a budget-conscious client. Like many, the client chose DT Natural turf. DT Natural turf feels high quality, has a good weight and thickness, and is the most “natural” turf we carry. The width of the blade is nice looking and the straight strands of turf are predominantly green with a few tan blades integrated in. All of this, makes it the most “natural” synthetic lawn in appearance, perfect, but not without a dry blade here or there.

We installed the DT Natural turf and the client was very pleased. That could be where this saga ends, but no! As stated, a meltdown in the back left corner occurred in early 2016. When the client called up to schedule finishing the front lawn, we helped him repair the damages as well.

From the Ashes – the Back Left Corner

You would think the repair would be as easy as tearing out the melted patch and replacing it. Not so. We quickly realized that trying to match the original turf dye lot would be impossible, the new DT Natural Turf would be a color mismatch with the older turf. As manufacturers produce high yields of turf, each batch they run is a different dye lot. So there is rarely a time that this difference isn’t noticeable, making the old turf appear more or less “green” in comparison to the newly ordered turf. But we tried anyhow, and it didn’t work.

With that idea scrapped, it was some creative problem-solving that made this all come together. Yep, we ended up adding a putting green in place of the melted patch, and then using some of the fringe pieces of good turf to cover the far back corner around the putting green. All were happy with the choice, and now the client has just one more reason to get out and enjoy his backyard.

Then, the Front Lawn

The client’s front lawn had been partially destroyed by over-fertilization, so we tore that out in 2016 and also replaced it with DT Natural turf as well. Now, this West Linn lawn looks fantastic year-round with no effort!

If this has you thinking you might want to consider the switch to turf, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can walk you through the pros and cons and help you find your favorite look and feel. Give us a call at (503) 313-1229.

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