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Potty Box© for Your Dog!

  • What does your dog or puppy do when he can’t go outside?
  • What does your dog do when you are away?
  • Do you want your dog wet and muddy from outside?
  • What do you do when you don’t want your dog to get wet and muddy AGAIN?

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We have a solution! You need The Potty Box©

  • The Potty Box© with Dog Turf is a great option for those dogs that can’t or won’t go outside
  • no matter how large or small they are
  • and are great as a training aid for puppies.
  • Your pet will quickly learn to do its business on the Potty Box© turf instead of your carpet. Puppies will associate going potty on synthetic turf with going outside on real grass.
  • The Potty Box© is a lightweight and easy system; therefore ideal for the stay-at-home dogs; dog training; apartment and condo use; as well as travel.

  • The Dog Turf used in the Potty Box is a superior turf because it’s antibacterial and non-absorbent. The unique backing lets liquids escape much faster than hole-punched turf does. So
  • it is used in all Potty Boxes. The Dog Turf sits on top of a PVC spacer that keeps the turf from settling into any urine that is collected. The turf and spacers sit in a lightweight plastic tray. Clean the Potty Box with soapy water and a hose daily or more often because although the turf doesn’t absorb the odor. The urine must be discarded to eliminate all the odor then spray with our Turf Fresh Odor Eliminator for a clean fresh smell.
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The Potty Box

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