Synthetic Turf Playground

One safe option for a kids play area is a padded synthetic turf playground. Cascade Greens offers many options of synthetic turf and grades of padding to protect playing children from injury.

Synthetic Turf for a Playground Surface

River Run Village in SW Portland wanted to add a softer, safer and lower maintenance surface to their already existing playground.  The playground has a permanent structure that the synthetic turf was to be installed around.  They also wanted to add an area of padding underneath the turf to protect from falls.  Along with the turf and padding, they requested some curbing around the area to give it an edge.  Cascade Greens is able to fill all of these requests.

Padding for Safety

As a business, we offer many other products to enhance our artificial turf products.  Cascade Greens offers antimicrobial products as well as padding. These items can be added to installation for an additional fee that is well worth it. In the case of this playground, padding underneath the structure was the perfect option.  River Run Village chose to go with out thicker product of 2 1/8″ **** padding.  This thickness of padding offers extra cushioning for falls roughly 8 feet or under.  There are no guarantees of no injuries with the padding, but it offers a great amount of cushioning if a child does happen to fall.

The Right Turf for The Right Location

The entirety of the playground was installed with roughly 900 square feet of Natural Lite turf.  The Natural Lite turf offers a real grass look.  The combination of Field Green and Olive Green colors with Brown and Green and Field Green thatching looks natural and realistic.  So, it offers a great natural look for children and adults alike to play on.

Curbing in the Synthetic Turf Playground

Our customers request additional accents to their project that we may not have the product for. So, we have many companies that we do regular business with and offer them the job.  River Run Village requested curbing, to enclose the area, to be done at the same time as the synthetic turf playground installation.  We do a lot of work with Curb Accents and thought they would be perfect for the job. Boy were we right!

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