You had a magnificent synthetic turf sports field installed, Now What??

Small Football Field

Sports Field Maintenance is your answer.  Depending on the amount of play your artificial turf field gets, we have the right maintenance package for you!

Synthetic turf is a low-maintenance solution for all your turf needs. But synthetic turf maintenance is still a reality.  When playing on your sports field, the blades of grass are getting mashed down and after many hours of play time, they aren’t able to stand up on their own.  We’re here to help!

Our Sports Field Maintenance Equipment

We have invested in specialized equipment that is used specifically for sports field maintenance.  This equipment is meant to help blades stand back up, redistribute the infill and pick up any debris left on the field.  Each piece of equipment has its own specialty to get your synthetic turf sports field looking and functioning good.

Timing is Everything to Maintain Your Field

When it comes to how often, it all depends on the usage of the field.  Cascade Greens LLC is happy to work with the schedule of maintenance designed for each field individually.  When a synthetic sports field goes a long period of time without maintenance it can take longer to get it back into great condition.  Therefor, if you start a maintenance schedule from the beginning, you’ll be saving your money!


Our Experience with Sports Field Maintenance

Cascade Greens LLC had been installing synthetic turf for over 17 years, installing sports fields for 10 years and maintaining sports fields we have installed as well as many other sports fields for over 3 years.  Give us a call to set up a FREE consultation today! We can solve all of your sports field maintenance needs!