Plants are expensive and need to be looked after. For clients who have used any of our services, we can offer on-going advice on design, styling and planting.

At Gardeny, we take a cooperative approach, developing the design concept together with our clients, tailoring the service according to their taste, needs and budget.

To further assist our clients with the upkeep of their gardens, we can also recommend landscape maintenance contractors and gardeners to help with regular garden care.

A modern irrigation system turns time you spend watering into leisure time and - if you want - can control the irrigation of your entire garden.

We are nice people with a lot of experience.

Chris, Lynn & crew, Thank you again for a marvelous job. Your crew was exceptional – working in the rain and much – impressive! Our yard looks terrific and the “lawn” is incredible. Everyone who has visited loves the idea, and we love the no maintenance.

Nancy W. from Eugene, – job completed in 2010 ( MARVELOUS JOB )

Chris, you said from the start we would happy with our new turf and boy were you ever right!! It adds to the finish of the back yard, but we got it for our Black Lab and he didn’t waste any time. He knew exactly whose it was and what to do with it. The absolute best thing we could have done for taming his energy and adding to our peace of mind, knowing how happy he is. He meets me at the door with a ball and out we go for 20 minutes or so, right after work. The job that was done is 1st rate. The quality of the fabric surpasses our expectations. We are three “happy campers.” Thanks for your salesmanship and encouragement along the way.

Glen B. from Molalla, – job completed in 2014; DT Dog Turf with anti-microbial sand infill ( THREE HAPPY CAMPERS )

Cascade Green provides a service and product we highly recommend. From the initial planning start to the final installation of our new yard, their team handled all the details perfectly. Their employees were very professional, doing the job when they said it would be done, coming to the job site ready to do everything needing to be done to excavate and remove the existing sod and then paying close attention to the many tasks at hand to complete the installation of our new front yard. We were amazed at how hard they worked, at a full speed pace without rushing to attend to the finer aspects of the installation. Needless to say, we and many who happened to walk by during and after the job was done have marveled and appreciated how natural and great the yard looks as well as how clean Cascade Green’s workers left the job site. Thanks for making our 100 year plus old home look fantastic!

Ann Z. from NE Portland ( WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND )

“I was unsure how the installation would look after a ‘Sisters winter’ and have been more than happy with how it has stood up to the winter and my teenagers. Please allow me to show any potential clients of yours what you did for our property. Thank you for the great product.”

L.J., Sisters, Oregon

Lynn, I absolutely LOVE my new and improved back yard! The “lawn” looks fantastic! And so real!! It gives my yard a whole new look…for the better! My puppy, Anni, will really enjoy romping around on it and of course do her “business” on it. Ha! I will definitely recommend Cascade Greens whenever I get the chance. I cannot wait to show yard to some of my neighbors and family. Thanks again!

Peggy M from Tualatin, – job completed in 2006; Crystal Mono ( THE ``LAWN`` LOOKS FANTASTIC )

"My wife and I are very pleased with the product and your professionalism in providing our home with a wonderful look. When even landscape companies stop to look and even touch our lawn, we know we made a good choice!"

K.L., Portland

Lynn, job is perfect…looks really good, we are more than pleased! We are enjoying it already.

Peter G. from Beaverton, – DT Mono ( MORE THAN PLEASED )

Dear Lynn, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the young men that work for you. The quality of their work was exceptional. They were considerate in maintaining the integrity of my property as well as my neighbors, which they had to cross the street to get to my yard. My lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. I would happily recommend your company to any prospective customer.

Sincerely Doug T from Portland, – job completed in 2006; DT Premium ( THE ENVY OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD )

Lynn, Thanks again! I LOVE my new grass!

Peggy A from Beaverton, – job completed in 2006; Crystal Mono ( LOVE MY NEW GRASS )

Dear Chris & Lynn, As Serendipity enters our 35th school year, we are pleased to recognize the impact of charitable giving by friends like you! Because of your continued generosity, you will be members of the Serendipity Center Circle! Recognition of your generosity will be highlighted in our annual report as well as on-campus signage! Thank you for your continued support!

Sincerely Jelena D, – job completed in 2013; DT Dog Turf ( THANK YOU )

Thank you Chris for a wonderful new back yard. The best part of the putting green. Cory is a great guy too. From one happy customer! Feel free to use me as a reference if someone wants to call or ask about the putting green.

Sincerely Cheri C. from Lake Oswego, – job completed in 2014; DT Putt ( ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER )

We had a lady on Saturday drive by several times and finally stopped and spoke with my wife. She had a small Scotty Terrier, and had concerns about pets until she saw a neighborhood cat saunter up and lay in the middle of our front lawn. She seemed pleased and probably will call you is our guess. As I’ve said, Teri and I are very pleased with the product and your professionalism in providing our home a wonderful look – whatever we can do to assist your efforts, please let me know.
Also…..Cascade Greens apparently stopped by and “freshened” our wonderful lawn recently. Thank you. While I have not gotten home early enough to enjoy it during daylight hours, my wife mentioned she noticed new “infill” had been applied, a sweep had been done, and it looks wonderful. Would-be passers-by (they don’t pass, but stop now) stop to inquire about what the product is and how to reach you. We gratefully pass along your name and contact information. … All we can say is we are very pleased with the Cascade Greens installation and continuing level of service and contact you have delivered. Again – thank you.

Keith L. from Portland, – job completed in 2004; FT Mono ( WE ARE VERY PLEASED )

I “love” my new green grass! Thank you!

Pat C. from Beaverton, – jobs completed in 2006 and 2013; DT Natural and DT Mono ( I ``LOVE`` MY NEW GREEN GRASS )

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are the putting green you installed at our home in Sisters. I was unsure how the installation would look after a “Sisters Winter” and have been more than happy with how it has stood up to the winter and my teenagers. Please allow me to show any potential clients of your what you did for the property. Thank you for the great product.

Lynn J. from Sisters, – job completed in 2005; DT Green ( GREAT PRODUCT )

Our new “lawn” looks fantastic – met all our expectations and more. All your employees worked so hard on the job; I couldn’t imagine a more skilled group – they cleaned up the job site and you can’t even tell that we installed a new back yard.

Steve Johnson ( LOOKS FANTASTIC )

I love my lawn, thanks to Cascade Greens! It will be 5 years old this spring and is still beautiful!

Kelly M from Hillsboro ( I LOVE MY LAWN )

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