Synthetic turf is a great low-maintenance replacement for any area of ground cover, especially a lawn or putting green.  We have installed synthetic turf in many different applications.  Mrs. D in SE Portland has a very small back patio and wanted the best use out of it for her and her dog.  So, she called Cascade Greens to help her fill what little area she had with our Dream Turf dog turf.


synthetic turf small area

Synthetic Turf Small Area Installation Process

dog turf
starting excavation

Every job starts with excavating the existing ground and preparing it for landscape fabric and gravel base.  It is important to excavate deep enough to allow room for 3-4″ of open gravel.  This amount of subgrade allows for excellent drainage in most yards.  Cascade Greens guarantees no pooling water and our crew is capable of adding all types of products for adequate drainage in your area.

synthetic turf small area
laying landscape fabric

With a level subgrade of open gravel, best for drainage, it is time to lay turf.  Depending on the shape of a yard, there is sometimes a need for a seam where the turf will meet.  Mrs.D was in need of one small seam due to the L shape of her yard area.  This seam allowed us to not waste any turf and keep Mrs.D’s cost down.

synthetic grass
one small seam

After laying turf comes infill.  We use a green sand, no rubber, in our turf as infill for residential applications.  We use a stihl brush to help the sand settle in as it gets spread across the turf..  Having an infill helps keep the blades standing up straight and a soft grass like cushion when you walked on.

Job Well Done!

synthetic lawn
job done

Mrs.D was very happy with the finished lawn. So was her dog!  Now Mrs.D has a year round usable yard with no wet or dirty paws tracking in the house.