It’s that time of year, the rain is upon us!

Spruce Up! by Cascade Greens

With the rain clouding our future, its a perfect time to get a Spruce Up! from us to make the turf look fresh again! During the summer, BBQing and having parties can flatten your synthetic turf and lay it flat. A Spruce Up! from Cascade Greens can help stand the blades up an make the yard look sharp. Call anytime to schedule or with any questions about what our Spruce Up!‘s entail.

Deterring Moss From Growing on the Turf

Although synthetic turf is not infilled with dirt, it can still grow moss, especially in the rainy season.  There is one simple solution that a homeowner can do themselves to prevent moss from growing before its too late. A 50/50 mix of vinegar and water sprayed onto the turf will deter moss from growing in the first place. If moss does start to grow, the same mixture can be sprayed on the grass and the brushed out a week later once the moss has died. Unfortunately, if the moss infiltrates the synthetic turf too much it takes machine power instead of hand power to remove the moss. We want to help you avoid that if possible. If the moss gets ahead of you, a Spruce Up! is available year round by appointment. We want your yard to look it’s best.

With Wind Comes Leaves

Leaves are an easy problem to solve. A leaf rake or a leaf blower solve all your windy problems. Leafs do not cause any damage to the synthetic turf, but who wants to cover up their year round green grass with leaves?!?


Snow doesn’t hurt the turf, but how you remove it can cause damage. Using a shovel is an easy way to damage the grass due to diving into the infill or even diving into the bottom layer of the turf. If the snow level is so deep that a shovel is needed, don’t go so deep as to touch the surface of the turf. The best solution we have found for snow is to leave it and let it melt naturally.

Rain, Rain, Rain

In Oregon, we are very used to the rain. Depending on location of installed turf and the slope of the ground, extra drainage may be needed. This issue is usually address before the installation, but in extreme cases can be taken care of after with a little extra work. Also, with heavy rains for long periods of time the infill can get disrupted and become even. Using your granny groomer in the early spring is a great way to help even it out. If the infill is still too uneven after, Spruce Up! can fix that issue very easy!

spruce up


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