Synthetic Lawns Keep Your Yard Green Without Harming the World Around You.

Cascade Greens’ synthetic turf product is green in more ways than one. In addition to being a beautiful shade of green throughout the year, it is also a ‘green’ product, so it is easy on the environment.


No Watering

Since synthetic lawns require no moisture, you save hundreds of gallons of water each year trying to keep real grass alive. Droughts won’t affect your lawn adversely, either. While the rest of your neighbors will have dead, brown lawns from lack of water, yours will still look beautiful.


No Mowing

Needing to cut your grass each week not only takes time and effort, but also spews pollutants from your mower exhaust into the air, takes gasoline and motor oil to operate, and the clippings need to be bagged and dumped.


No Pests

Without natural grasses, pests won’t want to live in your lawn. There’s nothing to feed on, so they’ll move on — to your neighbor’s lawn. No crane flies, fleas, grubs or other unpleasant insects to deal with.


No Fertilizing

Pouring chemicals on your yard to kill moss, weeds and other noxious plants means toxic chemicals get washed into storm drains and, ultimately, into the lakes, streams and rivers around you. This pollutes these bodies of water, harming fish and wildlife. In addition, your children and pets can come in contact with these chemicals and get poisoned.