Sports Field Maintenance

Along with installing synthetic sports fields, we also provide sports field maintenance to Cascade Greens LLC installed fields as well as other dealer installed fields.  Sports Field Maintenance is crucial to the longevity, appearance, performance and playability that a synthetic turf sports field can provide.  Cascade Greens, has invested in all the right equipment and knowledge to provide maintenance to your field.

Small Sweaper
Soccer Field Maintenance

The small sweeper is excellent at picking up leaves, synthetic grass fibers and larger debris.  It uses its brushes to pick up the debris and sweep it to the basket attached behind it.

Litter Kat

The Litter Kat is a larger sweeper, but it sweeps through a filtering system and is used to pick up smaller debris such as gravel.  The major difference of the larger sweeper over the smaller sweeper is it has the ability to filter out debris from the rubber allowing it to get deeper into the infill.  The filter contains a small motor on each side that allows it to vibrate and sift the rubber back into the field.

Greens Groomer

Greens Groomer

The GreensGroomer® is essentially a large broom.  It is an integral part of a total turf conditioning program and won’t scuff, bruise, or damage turf . The GreensGroomer will effectively move both wet and dry topdressing, brush off heavy dew and grass clumps, and is equally balanced for smooth operation. It can also assist in controlling grain, promotes leaf healthiness and grass density.


Magnet behind Groomer

The magnet can be pulled behind the groomer as an attachment or can be run separately.  The magnet is strong enough to pick up any small metals such as cleat spikes, bobby pins, safety pins and much more.  It is a great way to keep the field free from harmful debris.

Grooming Tines

Grooming tines are used as an attachment to the Greens Groomer.  They can penetrate the infill and loosen up rubber that has been compacted after long periods of field use.  The tines are used on an as needed bases and are most often part of a high use, long term maintenance schedule.


We have two main vehicles that we use to tow our maintenance equipment.  Our ATV is gas powered and has great towing power.  Our newest investment is an electric golf cart which gives us the ability to maintain indoor fields without creating fumes.  We currently use it for indoor soccer fields and indoor baseball batting cages.