Pets Love Synthetic Turf

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Your Dog Will Love Your Synthetic Grass Lawn!

Dogs can wreak havoc on a yard, with their running, digging and waste making it very difficult to keep a nice green lawn.

  • No more mud or dirt for digging in
  • No dirty paws tracking mud everywhere
  • Pet waste cleanup is easy
  • Environmentally safe for dogs – no chemicals
  • Turf won’t stain from dog urine
  • Outstanding durability

Why struggle with holes and bare patches of lawn? A Cascade Greens synthetic lawn installation will solve the problem!

Pets Love Synthetic Turf

No Matter How Much Your Pet Abuses Your Lawn, It Can’t Hurt Synthetic Grass…


Before Synthetic Turf Lawn

This yard had taken quite a beating by the owner’s dogs, with large clumps of grass missing due to running, digging and pet waste. No amount of fertilizing or watering would help.


After Synthetic Turf Lawn

After we removed the old grass, put in the gravel drainage and installed the synthetic turf, the lawn is now beautifully green, and will stand up to all the abuse a dog can deliver!