Open Letter: Dogs Have it Ruff

To my owner:

Being a dog can be ruff. First, we are kept inside all day while our humans are off doing whatever it is that you humans do. Our only hope is barking at the mailman, birds and passers-by with enough gusto that maybe they’ll rescue us companion-less misery. Then, we get scolded when we chew up those weird toys that the humans regularly put on their paws. There is never enough time for playing, we get shooed off the warm laundry, and sometimes, when we gotta go, well, we gotta go!

I’ll admit, I was adopted from sunny L.A. and going out into this drizzly, chilly northwest weather is just not something I enjoy. Sometimes that first look out the door in the morning send me into a depression I just can’t beat. Then, you leave to where you go (maybe a magical sea of treats?), and I have no choice but to potty on the rug. That’s when the scolding from you humans is the worst. I know from experience that it’s just hard being 17 lbs of pizza-loving, but rain hating in Portland.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent embarrassing indoor accidents. Humans everywhere should get me and my millions of furry friends out there a Potty Box. The nice folks at Cascade Greens who also distribute Dog Turf, have created the perfect solution for eliminating unfortunate mishaps while you’re… WHERE DO YOU GO ALL DAY? 

Eliminate Indoor Potty Accidents with The Potty Box

The Potty Box is a revolutionary product made for stay-at-home dogs like me, city dogs in small spaces, are potty training, or have difficulty going outside when it’s wet or cold. It consists of a lightweight tray with a PVC spacer insert that collects urine. The natural looking synthetic turf rests atop the spacer and the artificial grass blades are non-absorbent and have antibacterial properties. All of this works to keep the dog turf hygienic.

It’s clean

Us dogs love that the Potty Box looks and feels like real grass and offers superior drainage, just like my yard! It is a fantastic training aid for puppies because they will associate going potty on the turf with going outside on real grass. The unique backing allows the liquid to escape quickly, that way urine won’t settle into the Dog Turf. Soap and water clean the Potty Box right up and the Turf Fresh Odor Eliminator helps keep my Potty Box smelling great. Ah, I can smell it now – so fresh and clean! 

How to Get One

There are three Potty Box sizes to choose from and custom sizes can also be special ordered upon request. To learn more about the Potty Box, humans please visit As the leading experts in the pet turf industry, they are happy to answer any questions you have about the Potty Box, turf lawns, or installation. The holidays are almost here! What a great time to buy me, or any dog, the bathroom of our dreams. You’ll be happier, I’ll be happier and we’ll have more time for rough housing and roll-over (I LOVE that one!).

Please get me a Potty Box, pretty please!

I will love you furever and ever, truly, deeply, madly,

Kelvin the Corgi Cairn Mix (and his millions of furry friends)


P.S. Can we go play fetch now? Tug of war? Treats? I smell bacon…

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