We have our NEW synthetic Dream Turf Dog Turf in stock and already installed in multiple yards! We have been waiting, what feels like forever, to share our new favorite product with our customers! The new DT Synthetic Dog Turf has antimicrobial blades and is built to drain fast!! Most noteworthy, all this with NO MUD!!

Whats New?

The new DT Dog Turf is a newer and better version of last years product. It has been manufactured with dogs in mind! The synthetic dog turf has antimicrobial additives built into the turf blades and the backing! Cascade Greens offers antimicrobial infill options to make your whole new yard deter doggie odors.

Synthetic Dog Turf After

Synthetic Dog Turf is Multifaceted

Big dogs. Small dogs. Big yards. Muddy yards. Dog runs. This turf was made for you! Our team is ready to measure and fit our turf to any size or any use of area you need. Our most common installations are back yards and dog runs, but we are always up for an adventure! With the rainy season and warmer weather upon us, now is the time to replace that mud with muddles turf!

The Specifics

Not everybody wants to know the finer details of the grass, but we think there are a few that are very important! DT Dog Turf is 1 1/2″ tall making it easier to clean than our other turf products. Yet it’s good enough looking to do the whole back yard! As mentioned before, the turf blades and backing have antimicrobial additives to keep your yard cleaner and attract less odor. As a result of these fun details, it makes your yard look good, it’s hygienic, and its soft and comfortable on delicate paws.

Before Back Yard
Synthetic Dog Turf After

Our Guarantee

We guarantee no pooling with any of our synthetic turf. Our bids and method of installation involves smart work on the sub grade to ensure there is no pooling or standing water in your new lawn! We also stand behind our products and their quality. If you have a dog and want a great looking lawn, compare this synthetic dog turf to ANYTHING on the market and we think you will agree, there is no better option available. For any additional information about DT Dog Turf, please visit Dream Turf’s Dog Turf website.