Nestucca Ridge at Pacific City Oregon – Course with a View!

It all happened so quickly. The owner of Nestucca Ridge, a residential subdivision in Pacific City Oregon, met with Chris after hearing about the putting course in Corvallis. After seeing the work of Cascade Greens in person, the owner put in a request for a putting course at Nestucca Ridge was quickly developed. Not only was it great to receive affirmations about the Corvallis job, but now there was a whole new opportunity. And this time, with an ocean view in Pacific City, Oregon! This was a good day in our office. High fives all around.

A Putting Course in Pacific City Oregon

After viewing the site for the putting course, Chris determined that it was best to try to blend the heavily manicured look of the putting greens in with the rugged natural beauty of the Oregon coastal landscape. Pacific City, Oregon is known for its steep cliffs and dramatic rocks, so Chris tried to give the course a calm appeal. He chose Dream Turf for the putting green grass, then a natural fringe element to frame the greens in a way that blended with the surroundings. He set off meticulously designing the entire course, presented it to the client, and then began to figuring out how to make it a reality.

From start to finish, the Nestucca Ridge job took three weeks to complete. And boy did it fly by. Before we knew it, we were walking the full length of the course, reveling in the surrounding landscape and proud of our work. Then the Owner worked with a landscaper to finish painting the picture. This course turned out beautifully, located in a stunning setting.

About Putting Greens from Cascade Greens

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