Ever wonder why that indoor soccer sports field or outdoor football field you play on is always perfect?

Two things….Quality installation and Quality maintenance.

Indoor Soccer Sports Field


One of my favorite parts of my job is watching these amazing artificial turf fields installed.  Then getting to maintain them so they are safe and at top quality to play on.  These fields go from an open area to a field of long lasting, low maintenance artificial turf in no time at all.

Our crew spends hours and hours getting the sub grade just right with just the right slope on it so you play a better game. Then in one fell swoop the grass is down and it changes everything.

Salem Football Sports Field Subgrade
Salem Football Sports Field Gluing Seams
Miniature Soccer Sports Field

Then the tedious, but very important part happens….gluing the synthetic turf together and infilling.  Long lines of gluing fabric with glue applied on top are used to hold seams together.  Our crew can make seams disappear with this technique.  Sand and/or rubber are spread into the turf to provide cushioning and weight to hold down the turf. While infilling with rubber we alternate with our grooming brushes to help the rubber settle into the turf.  We fill the turf to just the right height depending on the type of field.

Now it’s time to play!

Salem Football Sports Field Complete

Cascade Greens LLC has installed and/or maintain synthetic sports fields in Corvallis, Beaverton, Salem and Eugene.  2017 installations will include Marcola, Vancouver and Tigard.

Soccer Sports Field Maintenance

Maintenance of a Sports Field

Maintenance of a sports field is based off of how much and how frequently the synthetic turf field is being used.  The better it is maintained, the longer it will have a useful life.  In addition a magnet attachment can be used every time the groomers are used to pick up any cleats, bobby pins, safety pins, or any metal items that have settled into the infill.  We also use a broom that picks up rubber and sorts it through a sieve that catches garbage and loose fibers.  Sports Field Maintenance is very important and takes special equipment that we have invested, therefore keeping your field clean and player’s safe.

Consequently, with over 15 years of synthetic turf installation experience, we hope Cascade Greens LLC is your top choice for all your synthetic turf installation and maintenance needs.  Call or email today for a free site visit!