Synthetic grass all around

A few years ago Cascade Greens had the pleasure of installing synthetic grass around Mr.Oregon City’s llama barns. And play ground, and two putting greens, and a putting course, and a petting zoo area……..But let’s focus on the llamas.


Synthetic grass
Wanna be friends?

What home is complete without a llama barn and petting zoo?

Not this one.  Mr. Oregon City started out with a small strip of grass wrapped around the llama barn.  This strip of grass was to allow the llamas to wipe off their “feet” before entering the barn. No one wants to sleep in a dirty barn.

artificial turf
Synthetic grass around llama barn
synthetic grass
Wrap around synthetic turf

Then it rained….

synthetic turf
Mud around the barn

The good old Oregon rain proved that just a small strip all the way around was not going to be enough.  After adding more artificial turf around the barns, the llamas and Mr. Oregon City were very happy.  With the new addition of grass, the llamas had ample space to clean their “feet” and keep their barn clean!

fake grass

synthetic turf

Now on to the synthetic grass petting area

When the first strip of grass around the barn was installed, Cascade Greens also put in a nice chunk of synthetic grass between two other barns.  This section was going to be used for a petting area for the llamas.  They need attention too!

synthetic turf
Llama petting area

Synthetic grass happy ending

Now Mr. Oregon City, his pet friendly llamas are happy and dry!

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