…and so it began, the beginning of Cascade Greens of Oregon… It was a simple question I posed to my husband, Chris, one evening at home. I was in the kitchen doing dishes in the days that I did both dinner and dishes. “Honey.” “What do you think about owning a business installing putting greens? And synthetic lawns?” Chris asked.  And my reply “Well, for a golfer and a sports fanatic, wouldn’t that be a shame to have to design and construct putting greens day in and day out?”  Chris paused and gave thought to that, then smiled and replied “I think I could handle that.”  Further discussion entailed that synthetic turf for commercial and residential installations would be the beginning of a huge trend. It was already taking on professional sports fields and would no doubt work its way into more private use. We would be on the front end. Cool.

Chris, my partner, my best friend, my husband of 20 years now, was just closing his construction business that he owned and ran with his family; the trade he had been in over twenty years, hundreds of houses later. He was the soon-to-be General Manager that knew as much as anybody could about not only building something, but fully understanding what goes under what you build, ie: subgrades, foundation, drainage, utilities, etc. The thought of combining his experience with the design of character-filled putting greens was an exciting thought. Little bit of angulation over here, a little bit of mounding over there.

…and so it did… We partnered with a friend, started the business during the time a lot of small businesses were closing their doors. The business got under way as Cascade Greens, contracts were signed and the training began. Off to Pebble Beach to be trained on how to install putting greens. Trained and sent home, we were now on our own to get the contractor’s license and find a friend or relative to hire us for a first job. Our territory would be Oregon. Our first job was in Redmond and with Chris and his friend/partner doing the installations.  Soon after that more jobs came our way. This picture is one of our earlier jobs (2001) located in the Valley River Village in Eugene. The putting green is nestled in their back yard by a swimming pool.

So to make a long story much shorter, fifteen years later, Cascade Greens has installed hundreds of synthetic turf projects, our business is thriving and growing.  We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and hopefully,  surpass our customers expectations.

Residential back yards are great for synthetic turf because of the low maintenance, but also for the dog and kid trotted natural grass that just can’t keep up with its use.   More recently, we have been installing synthetic turf front yards, for those who just can’t successfully maintain that darn yard no matter how hard they try.  The sculpting is so much easier to maintain year after year.

Commercial projects are exploding now with demand. No matter what your circumstances are, there is almost always a situation where synthetic turf can be of help, no matter how big or how small.   My motto is that there is NO job too small. The small ones are more out of need, rather than want.  Don’t misunderstand me…We love ‘em all no matter the size!

But most of all we hope that fifteen years of experience in this field is affording us the reputation of making each and every job right. If we AND the customer can both look at the job, knowing what is underneath the turf as well as above it, with your hands on your hips, smile and say YES!, then our job is complete and we can move on to the next one. And maybe we have made new friends, or at least gained respect.