Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has become the next big thing over the last few years. It is an easy low-maintenance replacement for your yard and a great way to enjoy sports anytime of year. With any long term investment it is good to do research in what product you are choosing. Here is a list of some frequently asked questions from interested people and happy customers.

What is artificial turf?

As a landscape cover the latest generation of artificial turf is a natural looking grass-like ground cover.  Artificial turf is a low-maintenance, weed-free solution to sod ore other landscaping that does not require watering or fertilizing.  Many styles are available for your personal preference of natural looking turf and your budget.  When used on sports fields, artificial grass can provide a consistent year-round, all-weather, and low maintenance option.  It can withstand extended use without needing recovery time or fertilizing.

Where can I use artificial grass?

Synthetic grass can be installed just about anywhere. The most popular applications are residential yards, putting greens and dog runs.  We have done some out of the ordinary installations such as a rooftop and balconies .  We also install private sports fields such as indoor soccer fields, small football fields and bocce ball courts for business and residential.

Why choose an artificial turf lawn?

Artificial turf is a great low-maintenance alternative to sod or dry landscaping.  It can allow enjoyment of the yard year round to kids and dogs without bringing in mud.  When used on sports fields, it is a great alternative to sod and can provide year-round use with no recovery time or fertilizing needed.

How does an artificial turf lawn affect property value?

Artificial grass can offer many factors that can raise the value of your property if installed with a natural looking, quality artificial turf. Three main selling points for a buyer are low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound.

How much maintenance does artificial turf require?

Synthetic turf is very low-maintenance product, but it does require some care, and you will surely recognize this over time.  Easy homeowner maintenance tasks are keeping the turf free from debris and rinsing after dogs have urinated on the turf that will help your turf last longer.  Each installation comes with maintenance instructions to help keep your lawn in tip-top shape.  Also, we can perform a periodic Spruce Up! to help your lawn looking fresh.

Do I have to mow and water with artificial turf?

Mowing is not required with artificial turf. Ever. Light watering is recommended during dry weather if you have dogs using the lawn to help rinse urine through.

What artificial turf is best for dogs?

We offer a number of different artificial turf products and all of these products are dog friendly.  We carry two turfs that are antimicrobial.  They are an artificial turf that has an antimicrobial backing and blades that deter odors and kill and prevent growth of any kind.  This turf is recommended for dog use but is not your only option.  We also offer Durafill as an alternative infill to our green sand.  Durafill, an antimicrobial encapsulated granule, can help deter odors and kill and prevent growth of any kind as well.

Will synthetic turf fade in the sun?

Synthetic turf is U.V. stabilized to provide colorfastness and our warranty includes a guarantee against fading for ten years.  Be aware of the relative impact that ultra violet rays can have on the life of your field – the greater the intensity of the sunlight, the shorter the lifespan of the fiber.

What type of infill do you put in artificial grass?

In our residential installations we use a green sand only.  We offer an antimicrobial Durafill encapsulated granule that we highly recommend for yards that will have dogs or high traffic with kids. In our sports field applications we use both green sand as well as crumb rubber for a softer surface.

Does installation of artificial turf come with a warranty?

We include a warranty for all installations performed by Cascade Greens.  For artificial grass installations we warrant ten years on product and five years on workmanship.  For artificial putting grass installations we warrant seven years on product and five years on workmanship.  Cascade Greens offers a warranty for workmanship that covers all work completed by our crew.

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