3 Steps to Synthetic Grass Sub Grade

Why pick Cascade Greens?

Our forethought about drainage is one of the major points that set us apart from our competitors.  With living in the NW, our priority is making sure your lawn does not pool with water during our rainy season, aka 9 months out of the year.  Instead of only addressing the issue when customers mention it, we anticipate it with every job.

How we handle drainage…

When having artificial turf installed by Cascade Greens, we lay a minimum of 3” of open rock gravel to allow for better drainage.  Using an open rock, instead of a minus, allows water to flow freely and drain into the soil below.  Minus rock can trap water because there is less space for the water to flow.  This results in excessive pooling in your artificial turf lawn or artificial turf green.  Our purpose is to avoid that from the beginning.

We pride ourselves in not out sourcing as much specialty work as possible. Our crew members each have their own special talents, but one talent that has been finely tuned is special drainage installations. With over 10 years of experience installing synthetic turf products, it has given them time to be able to see the issues before installation and know how to best manage them for you.

There are many options on how to manage each situation best. Sometimes just a few extra inches of gravel can solve the problem. In harder to manage areas we are able to install what is called French piping into the sub grade. This type of piping allows the water to be redirected and drained outside of the artificial turf area. This is best applied in yards or areas with standing water on light rain days.

As we all know, the Willamette valley is wet and unpredictable. Our goal is to give your synthetic yard or field the best advantage when it comes to the rainy seasons. We hope you choose us for all your synthetic turf needs! Call Cascade Greens today for a FREE consultation.

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