Dogs Love Artificial Dog Turf

Sometimes small useless outdoor areas can be transformed into beautiful spaces for your pets, for the best results us a brand of synthetic turf that is known as Dog Turf. Such was the case for Mr. & Mrs. K, one of our recent residential artificial turf projects. With two little dog rascals running around, it was important to give the dogs a nice, soft, clean place to land their paws. Here’s an idea of what we started with.

The Project

So, to get this under way, we needed to remove the existing “sod”, not sure you could even call it that. Anywho, we dug it up and used 5 gallon buckets to remove it from the property. After carrying all that out, we then had to use the same 5-gallon buckets to haul in gravel to assist with drainage under the new synthetic grass. In this case, Mr. and Mrs. K chose Dog Turf. Here is the final product in photo form.

All in all, the project at Mr. and Mrs. K’s house was a doozy, but well worth it to see the pups’ smiling faces. Mr. and Mrs. K made a smart choice by installing synthetic turf in an area of their yard that was often overlooked but in reality a perfect place for synthetic turf.  Not only have the dogs improved their “usable” space but the K’s have also improved the value of their property.

About Dog Turf

Dog Turf is synthetic turf developed just for dogs. It drains faster than other turfs and has antimicrobial additives built into the turf blades and the backing. It looks good, it’s hygienic, and it’s soft and comfortable on delicate paws.

Reasons Smart Pet Owners Choose Our Dog Turf

  • Because our synthetic Dog Turf looks like real grass pets treat it like real grass
  • Older dogs will know what Dog Turf is for as soon as you introduce it. Puppies will quickly learn to use the turf instead of your carpet. They will associate Dog Turf with going outside on real grass.
  • A lot of the synthetic turf out there is just not suitable turf for dogs. Dog Turf is superior because it’s anti-bacterial and non-absorbent, and the unique backing lets liquids escape much faster than hole-punched turf does.
  • It’s a low maintenance yard solution, much easier than mowing the lawn.

Cascade Greens is a Premiere Dog Turf Supplier

Dog Turf is available exclusively from Cascade Greens and selected agents nationwide, making us some of the leading experts in the pet turf industry. Give us a call to discuss your synthetic lawn options today!

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