Dog Turf and Natural Turf for a West Linn Homeowner

Turf, dogs, and kids, oh my! A West Linn homeowner had a backyard consisting of dirt, weeds and the occasional patch of natural grass and was in desperate need of a revamp. Maybe you too have a decrepit grass problem caused by poor soil, minimal sun or lack of time, but there is a solution to all of this – it’s called synthetic turf. The consultation with the homeowners consisted of assessing the front and backyard. One size does not fit all so for this homeowner we actually presented two turf options, Dog Turf and Natural Turf. Natural Turf, as you will soon read, is not live grass, but a type of artificial turf. The homeowners went with our suggestions and chose to install Dog Turf with Durafill in the backyard and Natural Turf with sand in the front yard.

Before and After – Dog Turf with Durafill

Cascade Greens began with a barren landscape, then prepped the area to accommodate 1295 square feet of Dog Turf and finished the job in 5 days. The results were amazing.  The new turf area has lush looking grass that the dogs and homeowners can now enjoy.  No more muddy paws.  Here are a couple photos to give you an idea of the progression in the backyard.


What is Dog Turf you may ask?

Dog Turf is not just any old synthetic turf. It’s synthetic turf designed just for dogs. It drains faster than other types of turf. It also has antimicrobial additives built into the turf blades and backing. It looks nice, is hygienic, and is soft and comfortable on your dog’s delicate paws.

Natural Turf in the Front Yard

This West Linn client chose natural turf for the front yard. Natural turf is perfect for customers who really want their yard to look like real grass and not too perfect.

What is Natural Turf you may ask?

Natural Turf looks very natural. It is comparable to natural grass you find in the Northwest but won’t need all that fertilizer. Natural Turf is a 5 color thatched turf with a 72 oz. face weight and is 1-7/8” in pile height. Natural Turf is very resistant to traffic, making it a great choice for homes with kids and dogs.

Synthetic Turf Installation Experts in Oregon

Cascade Greens is the premier company supplying and installing synthetic turf products.  We only focus on synthetic turf.  You might notice our address is not in Portland but rest assured we are in Portland every single day doing work. We are here to answer your questions about synthetic turf and are always willing to discuss the best synthetic turf solutions for your lawn needs. Take back the time you spend cutting the grass and enjoy your yard instead.  Give us a ring!

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