Mrs.P was a special case.  Her beautiful, loving dog eats EVERYTHING!  And by everything we mean everything…..grass, dirt, gravel, tree bark, etc.  That can make it very difficult to enjoy your yard when it is getting chewed to pieces.  Mrs.P’s solution was to cover the entire yard with dog friendly artificial grass.  And we obliged, gladly.

Before and After Pictures

synthetic turf turf installation fake lawn synthetic turfVancouver, Washington fake lawn

Mrs.P started with a very nice landscaped but soggy yard.  Therefore, synthetic turf was definitely the best solution in Mrs.P situation. Even if it was just to replace the existing grass.  As you can see in the pictures, there was plenty of opportunities for the dog to find food.  Cascade Greens was able to eliminate that by filing every inch of yard with artificial turf.  The turf itself is nailed down to the gravel or edging around the fence line to deter and digging or pulling up of the grass.

Dog Friendly Artificial Grass Infill Options

Cascade Greens offers multiple types of infill for all different types of applications.  In the case of Mrs.P, she needed our best pet friendly option for not only her dog but for herself also.  Although it is not required, we highly recommend that a yard that has a dog on it be infilled with a combination of Durafill and Zeofill.  Durafill is our antimicrobial infill that helps deter the growth of germs and bad stuff in your turf from the dogs urine.  Zeofill is our newest addition of infills and is used to help absorb odor and is activated by rain water. Both infills require no extra maintenance.  The infills do cost a little extra, but are worth the money!

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