Corvallis Putting Course – Above Par for the Course

In the game of golf, putting can make or break your game. It can also determine who’s buying the beer at the 19th hole. The objective is to get the ball as close to the hole, if not in the hole, with as few strokes as possible. The trick is to maintain a low speed from a short distance so the ball gently rolls toward the hole. Anyone who has ever played a round of golf, or a hundred, knows it’s easier said than done! As with most endeavors in life, practice makes perfect. Or, in the case of golf, at least better.

In order to practice your short game, the best way is on a putting green. However, it’s not always convenient to travel to a golf course. Plus, your wife thinks you spend too much time golfing already. But when you enjoy a gathering of friends for a friendly round of golf, it makes a great social event when the wife and kids can be included. So your friends at Cascade Greens, installers of superior synthetic lawn products, have the perfect solution. Your very own private putting green!

In-house Corvallis putting greens designer and owner of Cascade Greens, Chris Holvey says that “putting courses, or AKA an upscale 9-hole putt-putt courses, are designed to fit your needs and desires, along with the space, location and budget considerations for your project. The multiple greens are designed so that each hole complements the others and flows throughout the entire course.  Many days are spent drawing the design and re-configuring the layout to get it just right. And the designing and modifications continue until you start putting sand in the greens.”

A private custom-designed synthetic putting green from Cascade Greens is a great investment in both your golf game and your landscape.  The greens come with a 7-year warranty, have a life expectancy of more than 10 to 15 years, and require very little maintenance. And although nothing is guaranteed to be weed-free, weeds are easy to maintain (you know the kind that grow in the crack of concrete, those!)  Greens of any sort can’t look natural without fringe, so it is creatively designed to add depth, width, and interesting character to each hole. The synthetic fibers of the blades are soft, mimicking real grass. Varying heights of the grasses offer a natural-looking texture that easily blends with the surrounding landscape. Throw in some boulders and ball bunkers and you are set to go.

And a “course” can always be made with more or less holes. Chris has designed and installed a four putting green course in Phoenix. Doesn’t always have to be nine.

Showcasing a Corvallis Putting Course Installation

Cascade Greens had the privilege of installing a very large green for a Corvallis client in 2004. A couple years later, being very good friends with the client by this time, he was asked again to install multiple greens, a 9-hole putting course on his sloped property (across the driveway from the large green).

And another vision became reality in the beautiful, custom 9-hole putting green at the private residence of a client in Corvallis.  The approximately 5,000 square-foot project required filter fabric, a protective layer between the soil and crushed stone sub-base, and open rock topped with a smaller rock to be able to mound and mold and get the ball to roll just right. Set the cups, lay the putting turf, and add the fringe grass. Once glued and the cups cut in, the putting green turf had to be hand-rolled with a sod roller to coax the grass fibers to lay just right. The more the turf was rolled, the faster the greens go. The installation was months in the making, spanning winter snow and spring rain on the slopes before finishing in early summer but it was well worth the effort and wait. See for yourself!

One great thing about a private putting green is that you can enjoy it even during the winter months. It’s great entertainment for all ages and a fun activity when hosting family gatherings and get-togethers. Additionally, the time saved from lawn maintenance allows you to enjoy more time doing what you love with the people that you love… golfing with your golf buddies, of course.

Experts in Putting Green Design and Installation

Cascade Greens has more than 16 years of experience in designing and installing putting greens. Over the last few years have expanded to sports fields consulting and installations and maintenance. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve got the process down to a tee (pun intended)! To discover how easy it is to have your own putting green installed, contact the team at Cascade Greens. Consultations are free.

With the improvement of your short game, you’ll only have to buy beers at the 19th hole if you want to celebrate an eagle!

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