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Synthetic Putting Green With A View


Putting Green Dreams

Always dreamed of owning property with a view? Just add a synthetic putting green and its now picture perfect.  The M family had the same idea.  With a beautiful piece of property with a great view, they decided to add a putting green to the yard.

The M family was looking for a low maintenance synthetic putting green that allowed them to hit and chip onto the putting green up to 150 yards out.  Two tee boxes were placed outside of the putting green to allow for longer shots, for example from the fairway.  The size of the putting green came to roughly 8000 square feet along with an 8000 square foot fairway.  For Cascade Greens, this was a longer job and kept our guys busy!



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Spruce Up! on Mr. Johnson’s Putting Green


Mr. Johnson called Cascade Greens in 2004 for a site visit.  He was looking to put a large putting green in the front section of his property.  We installed a 5000 square feet putting green with fringe and sand bunkers.  We also installed three tee boxes to chip from.

Through out the years we have returned to perform maintenance on the green and tee boxes.  Keeping the green free from debris is a simple task that the homeowner can do themselves, but the rest should be left for Cascade Greens.  In a normal maintenance visit we can (as needed) add or level out infill, compact the green, repair seams, and clean the cups and sand bumnkers.  Depending on location or length between Spruce Up!s, sometimes the green will need a little more in depth cleaning.

Putting Green Before

maintenance synthetic turf maintenanceputting green

In Mr. Johnson’s case, we hadn’t been by in a while and his green needed a good scrubbing.  We used an eco-friendly cleaner, a scrub brush and a power broom to remove some surface debris and moss.  It is amazing what a little elbow grease can do.  It took about a day and a half to get the green upto par and the sand bunkers looking fresh again.

Putting Green After

maintenancesynthetic putting greenartificial turf

This job is a good reminder that yearly or even bi-annually or quarterly maintenance may be what’s best to keep your putting green up to par.  Putting greens that are in shady areas or have many trees and shrubs near by may need a little more attention than others.  Any questions you may have about if and when you should schedule a Spruce Up! Feel free to email or call anytime.



Artificial Grass Can Fit All Your Grass Needs Part 1



Artificial grass is very versatile and can be applied to many more applications than just your front or back yard.  Cascade Greens has had the pleasure of installing artificial turf in some very interesting locations and we’d like to share those adventures.


Playground Artificial Grass

artificial turf

What better surface to have under and around your playground than artificial turf? No mud for the kids to track in, they could play year round.  Artificial grass is safe for kids and dogs alike. It is a great low-maintenance solution to other ground coverings under a playground structure.  Works great for either residential or commercial.







Artificial Grass Around Llama Barns

artificial turf

Synthetic grass












Don’t want muddy paw dirtying up the barn? Artificial turf can help by having a perimeter that allows your animals to “wipe” their feet off before they step into the barn.  We know in the valley we deal with a lot of rain and that’s why Cascade Greens guarantees no pooling water!



Estate Entry Turn Around Artificial Grass

artificial grass

Mr.H has a beautiful entry way into his many acres of land in Oregon City.  Mr. H has two putting greens and a putt putt course on his property.  What better way to welcome people than installing artificial turf in your entry way?  This ensures an entry that looks manicured year round.








Duck Blind

Artificial turf is not limited to just home use, it can also be for outdoor sports!  Imagine it’s been raining for a week, but you want to go duck hunting.   Synthetic grass can solve that problem.  No mud while you wait for the perfect shot.  You might even be comfortable.


Advertising Center Piece

Cascade Greens has sold very specific shapes and sizes of artificial turf to marketing and sports companies.  Our turf is used for displays under products and as accents to other items.  Artificial turf can be cut to any size and most shapes to fit your needs and space.  We have even punched holes in specific spots on the turf to allow for stands to fit into the grass.


 New Applications

Cascade Greens is always open to new and different types of applications for our turf.  We are happy to work with our customers to find just what they are looking for to complete their home or project.  Call TODAY for a FREE consultation.

Nestucca Ridge at Pacific City Oregon – Course with a View!


It all happened so quickly. The owner of Nestucca Ridge, a residential subdivision in Pacific City Oregon, met with Chris after hearing about the putting course in Corvallis. After seeing the work of Cascade Greens in person, the owner put in a request for a putting course at Nestucca Ridge was quickly developed. Not only was it great to receive affirmations about the Corvallis job, but now there was a whole new opportunity. And this time, with an ocean view in Pacific City, Oregon! This was a good day in our office. High fives all around.

A Putting Course in Pacific City Oregon

After viewing the site for the putting course, Chris determined that it was best to try to blend the heavily manicured look of the putting greens in with the rugged natural beauty of the Oregon coastal landscape. Pacific City, Oregon is known for its steep cliffs and dramatic rocks, so Chris tried to give the course a calm appeal. He chose Dream Turf for the putting green grass, then a natural fringe element to frame the greens in a way that blended with the surroundings. He set off meticulously designing the entire course, presented it to the client, and then began to figuring out how to make it a reality.

From start to finish, the Nestucca Ridge job took three weeks to complete. And boy did it fly by. Before we knew it, we were walking the full length of the course, reveling in the surrounding landscape and proud of our work. Then the Owner worked with a landscaper to finish painting the picture. This course turned out beautifully, located in a stunning setting. Don’t believe us? Here are the photos to prove it.

About Putting Greens from Cascade Greens

Cascade Greens can design a single putting green or a full course to meet whatever your property requires. Our passion for design is evident in our work and we hope you’ll choose to work with us. Although based in Tangent, Oregon, we work throughout the state. You’ll find examples of our work in Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Salem, and more. Simply give us a ring to talk over your own design ideas for any project involving synthetic greens. We are the premiere installer in the state and happy to answer any questions you might have or, put together a personalized quote for your dream!

Going Green in Oregon City


Putting green installation is one of our specialties. We’ve designed and installed putting greens all across Oregon and southern Washington. Some of our favorite projects have occurred in Corvallis, Pacific City, and today, we’ll tell you about a putting green installation in Oregon City. This was a whopper of a project with lots of moving parts and pieces.

Oregon City Putting Green

Through a referral, a homeowner came to us in early 2015 looking for a design and construction of a putting green in Oregon City. After meeting with the homeowner, the excitement about this project was palpable.

So Chris set out to design a masterpiece incorporating all the needs of the homeowners. The design came together nicely if we might say so! What stated out with two large greens expanded to include two large putting greens, two t-boxes, a nine-hole putting course, a playground, a llama barn with a petting area, a dry creek with stone bridges and an estate entrance. It was obvious to us that this project was going to be a great one, with lots of opportunities to show off what we can do with synthetic turf.

The product used on the greens was a Dream Turf product, chosen for its easy care and flawless look. Check out the photo gallery below to see the project from start to finish.

Putting Green Installation in Oregon City

One of the best benefits of the Oregon City design was that the putting green grass only needs attention once a year with the compactor and a blower. One quick trip around the greens with a small compactor and everything is good to go. In total, the project used over 13,000 square feet of synthetic turf. That’s a lot of synthetic grass!

At completion, the homeowners were extremely pleased with our work and our products, and so were we! If you live in Oregon and think your property would benefit from a synthetic lawn or a putting green, give us a call. We work throughout the state including Portland, Eugene, Salem and southern Washington. Let us help you design the synthetic lawn of your dreams.