Artificial Turf and Pet Waste Odor-Problem Solved

Pets bring tremendous joy, laughs, and happiness to millions of Americans. For proof, just search “funny pets” on YouTube, then come back to reading this article in a few hours after you’ve exhausted your eye’s abilities to view any more cuteness. I hope you find one of my favorites, Corgi Flop. But along with that bevy of good moments and memories comes the horrible, gut-wrenching smells of pet waste odor, indoors and out. Your beautiful artificial turf lawn has a nasty smell as a result of your dog’s need to poop and it’s embarrassing. Forget about having the neighbors over for an impromptu barbecue if the summer has been rainless and the artificial turf odor is more apocalyptic than inviting. Never fear – there is a solution (pun intended) that can handle the toughest smells your pets can unload.

We All Deal with It

Cascade Greens is all about installing synthetic turf.  Installing synthetic turf also made us experts on best practices for dealing with pet waste and pet waste odor.   Our clients wanted a solution to the problem so we did the research on finding the best solution.  Our recommendation to you is – SCOE 10X. This super concentrated odor eliminator is as effective as it sounds, and we love it!

How does SCOE 10X Eliminate Pet Waste Odor?

SCOE 10X works because it kills the 3 different and distinct components of bad odors.

  • A biological excretion or decomposition; such as urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, meat, fish, cigarette smoke, etc.
  • Odor producing bacteria; feeding on the biological excretion, produce lots and lots of odor molecules.
  • Odor molecules; what your nose actually identifies as odor, are produced by odor causing bacteria feeding on biological excretion.

All 3 odor components must be eliminated to permanently get rid of a biological odor.  If any of the 3 remain, the odor will remain or naturally return. Here’s a 2 minute video about their product.

SCOE 10X Testimonial

Have we convinced you to try it? If not, read this testimonial from Dave Shutts in Pennsylvania for further proof.

It’s a good thing my dog is adorable. He has made my home “dog pee” central. Yes, of course he’s housebroken. But he seems to suffer from this insecurity that another dog may come into my house and take over. So he marks his territory. The entire house. The ceramic tile and grout floor in the mud room. The oak panel walls. The wool carpeting. For 12 years.


It’s funny that I sound like every other testimonial from this website, but I have tried every product known to get rid of that urine smell. And I’ve tried for 12 years now. Well, mark your calendars, folks. This stuff is amazing. The urine has penetrated the grout in the mudroom and even serious mopping would do nothing — in fact it always seemed to re-bloom the pee smell.


In the past I’ve tried steamers, vinegar, chemical cleaners, you name it! Today I mopped with hot water only then let it dry. The old urine smell was awful as usual after “cleaning”. And then I doused the entire ceramic floor with SCOE 10X. After 15 minutes, not even a HINT of urine smell. Did the same thing with a portion of the upstairs carpeting. Extracted with hot water in my Rug Doctor and BAM, absolutely no more urine smell. If you have dog urine problems, you have to try this stuff. I got the gallon jug, but if you doubt it, try the small sample bottle.

The stuff is really amazing. Thanks!

We concur. And, we can help you get rid of kennel odor for good.

Pet Waste Odor Elimination Services from Cascade Greens

Not sure if you want to be hands-on and do the deed alone? You don’t have to. Call or email us for pricing, we are happy to come to your home and treat the area. Just ask for our Spruce Up package. What’s even better is that using SCOE 10X doesn’t even require sequestering your pets indoors. SCOE 10X is environmentally friendly, completely non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and safe to use directly on skin and around pets.

Give us a call if you have questions about our Spruce Up package or any of our fabulous synthetic lawn products. We install and treat synthetic lawns in Portland and any of the surrounding areas. Give us a call today!

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