synthetic turf installation process cutaway

Synthetic grass sub grade is a very important piece of the installation process. It can define how well your area drains as well as the grade and shape of the surface. We pride ourselves in taking the extra step with doing the right so your yard, putting green or sports field drains just right!

Synthetic grass sub grade step one:

sub grade

Excavation is the first step to sub grade because it prepares the ground to the proper depth needed. Whether we excavate for you, or you do the hard work yourself, we require at least 4” of depth. This depth is needed to allow for 3-4” of gravel as well as the grass to sit on top. But don’t worry, we’ll get to that.

Synthetic grass sub grade step two:

sub grade

Next, fabric is laid on top of the excavated ground. We use a landscape fabric that allows for drainage but does not allow light or growth of plants pass through.

Synthetic grass sub grade step three:

sub grade

Gravel is laid on top of the landscape fabric. The size of gravel laid depends on if landscape synthetic grass or a synthetic grass putting green is being placed. For synthetic landscape grass we use an open rock, usually ½”, for all 3-4” of gravel. For synthetic putting green grass we use a 2” base of open gravel with a top layer of ¼” minus gravel. This minus gravel allows flexibility to shape the slope and contour of the green to your liking.

Sub grade special circumstances:

Not every yard drains perfect therefore our crew may add some extra draining supplies to the sub grade. Examples of special cases are pooling water, water flowing in the wrong direction or no where for the water to go. Our crew is trained to see drainage issues and give you the best option of how to fix them. It can be as simple as extra gravel sometimes. Other times it may require a special drainage pipe. Lucky for our customers, our crew can do it all!

Time to lay the synthetic turf and enjoy!