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Spruce Up! on Mr. Johnson’s Putting Green


Mr. Johnson called Cascade Greens in 2004 for a site visit.  He was looking to put a large putting green in the front section of his property.  We installed a 5000 square feet putting green with fringe and sand bunkers.  We also installed three tee boxes to chip from.

Through out the years we have returned to perform maintenance on the green and tee boxes.  Keeping the green free from debris is a simple task that the homeowner can do themselves, but the rest should be left for Cascade Greens.  In a normal maintenance visit we can (as needed) add or level out infill, compact the green, repair seams, and clean the cups and sand bumnkers.  Depending on location or length between Spruce Up!s, sometimes the green will need a little more in depth cleaning.

Putting Green Before

maintenance synthetic turf maintenanceputting green

In Mr. Johnson’s case, we hadn’t been by in a while and his green needed a good scrubbing.  We used an eco-friendly cleaner, a scrub brush and a power broom to remove some surface debris and moss.  It is amazing what a little elbow grease can do.  It took about a day and a half to get the green upto par and the sand bunkers looking fresh again.

Putting Green After

maintenancesynthetic putting greenartificial turf

This job is a good reminder that yearly or even bi-annually or quarterly maintenance may be what’s best to keep your putting green up to par.  Putting greens that are in shady areas or have many trees and shrubs near by may need a little more attention than others.  Any questions you may have about if and when you should schedule a Spruce Up! Feel free to email or call anytime.



Synthetic Turf Maintenance Questions


These are some common synthetic turf maintenance questions we get asked…..

What do you mean my synthetic turf needs maintenance?

This is a question we don’t hear very often, but it does come up.  Yes, your synthetic turf needs maintenance.  But guess what?  It does need a little and you can do most of it yourself!  When an installation is complete we send out a homeowners synthetic turf maintenance instructions sheet.  This explains simple tasks you can do yourself to prolong the life of the turf.  Some are as easy as blowing off leaves, another can be spraying for moss if you have shaded area.  All maintenance is simple and takes very little time.


What can I do to make my synthetic turf last longer?

Synthetic turf maintenance

grandi groom

There are a few synthetic turf maintenance tasks that owners can do to maintain their yard and help keep it looking good for many, many years.  With normal sod, there is watering and mowing and fertilizing and aerating and thatching and weeding and the list goes on and on and on.  With your synthetic grass, our grandi groom will do most of the work for you.   Our grandi groom is a small hand rake that helps the fibers stand back up.  When you walk through your grass, after a while there is a pattern of matted grass.  With a few minutes of grooming with the grandi groom, it will stand those fibers back up and look good as new again.  For most yards, this is all the maintenance required on a regular basis.


What if I have dogs?

Great question!  If you have a dog there is just one more task of synthetic turf maintenance thadog turft should be done on a regular basis, removing waste.  It is important, especially with a small yard and on hot days, to remove solid waste promptly and water down urine.  Waste from your dog does not harm the synthetic grass, but it can cause an odor if left unattended.  When hot outside, the most important thing you can do is water down the section of the grass where your dog urinates.  This will help the urine become diluted and get washed through the gravel.  We also offer antimicrobial turf and infill to help with maintenance and odor.  Check out the dog turf page on our website for more information!  A happy lawn for a happy dog!


What if my lawn gets a lot of traffic and my grandi groomer just isn’t doing enough?

When you have a green lawn year round, why not use it?  When your granny groomer just isn’t cutting it and your synthetic grass is starting to look flat, call us! With heavy traffic, all synthetic turf will stay matted down eventually.  With regular maintenance we can help make it look better.  Cascade Greens does Spruce Up!’s anytime of year!  Depending on your size of yard, it can take as little as an hour starting at $96.  We have larger, specialize equipment that will help your synthetic turf stand up again and look as good as new!  Call today to schedule a Spruce Up! (503) 520-3188.


Cascade Greens is always available by email or phone to answer any questions before or after installation.  Call today for a FREE consultation.

Happy Dogs like Synthetic Dog Turf!


Want to get rid of muddy paw tracks and dirt on your carpet? Our complete Dog System with synthetic dog turf is just what you need.

Components of our Dog System with Synthetic Dog Turf

synthetic turf installation process cutaway


3-4″ of gravel is placed over landscape fabric to stop weeds from growing up through the gravel.  The base of gravel gives the best solution for drainage in normal or heavy rain conditions.  Extra grave can be added in low spots to help with added drainage issues.

Synthetic Dog Turf: 

Dream Turf dog turf is made with antimicrobial backing and blades to help deter any microbial growth from your pets waste.  The backing is also a mesh material for added drainage.  This added drainage helps fluids run through the turf quickly so it helps stop odors from arising.


Our residential installations use a green silica sand.  We offer an antimicrobial Durafill sand for our dog system, it is a fully encapsulated granule that has no absorbency properties.  This type of infill helps drainage and deters any microbial growth.  It will help keep your pet and your synthetic dog turf clean!


There are very few things in life that are no maintenance.  With having dogs on turf there are a few maintenance task that need to be done, but are far less than with natural grass.  In the hot dry months we strongly encourage watering the grass on a daily basis if your dog is going potty on the turf.  Think of it as flushing the toilet.  The water will help the urine get rinsed through the infill and get wash away so there is no odor.  Solid waste should be picked up like normal.  If any spots are left they can just be hosed off.  We also offer our maintenance service, or Spruce Up!, whenever needed so it freshens up your yard!


Other Synthetic Turf Options

All of our synthetic turf is a great solution to muddy paws.  Whichever type of grass you prefer, we always highly recommend our antimicrobial Durafill sand.  It will help keep your yard clean for your furry friends.


Happy Dog!

Here are a few of our happy dogs loving their new turf….

dog turf

Sports Field Maintenance that will make your field last for years


You had a magnificent synthetic turf sports field installed, Now What??

Small Football Field

Sports Field Maintenance is your answer.  Depending on the amount of play your artificial turf field gets, we have the right maintenance package for you!

Synthetic turf is a low-maintenance solution for all your turf needs. But synthetic turf maintenance is still a reality.  When playing on your sports field, the blades of grass are getting mashed down and after many hours of play time, they aren’t able to stand up on their own.  We’re here to help!

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Making your Sports Field dreams come true

football field maintenance

Ever wonder why that indoor soccer sports field or outdoor football field you play on is always perfect?

Two things….Quality installation and Quality maintenance.

Indoor Soccer Sports Field


One of my favorite parts of my job is watching these amazing artificial turf fields installed.  Then getting to maintain them so they are safe and at top quality to play on.  These fields go from an open area to a field of long lasting, low maintenance artificial turf in no time at all.

Our crew spends hours and hours getting the sub grade just right with just the right slope on it so you play a better game. Then in one fell swoop the grass is down and it changes everything.

Salem Football Sports Field Subgrade

Salem Football Sports Field Gluing Seams

Miniature Soccer Sports Field

Then the tedious, but very important part happens….gluing the synthetic turf together and infilling.  Long lines of gluing fabric with glue applied on top are used to hold seams together.  Our crew can make seams disappear with this technique.  Sand and/or rubber are spread into the turf to provide cushioning and weight to hold down the turf. While infilling with rubber we alternate with our grooming brushes to help the rubber settle into the turf.  We fill the turf to just the right height depending on the type of field.

Now it’s time to play!

Salem Football Sports Field Complete

Cascade Greens LLC has installed and/or maintain synthetic sports fields in Corvallis, Beaverton, Salem and Eugene.  2017 installations will include Marcola, Vancouver and Tigard.

Soccer Sports Field Maintenance

Maintenance of a Sports Field

Maintenance of a sports field is based off of how much and how frequently the synthetic turf field is being used.  The better it is maintained, the longer it will have a useful life.  In addition a magnet attachment can be used every time the groomers are used to pick up any cleats, bobby pins, safety pins, or any metal items that have settled into the infill.  We also use a broom that picks up rubber and sorts it through a sieve that catches garbage and loose fibers.  Sports Field Maintenance is very important and takes special equipment that we have invested, therefore keeping your field clean and player’s safe.

Consequently, with over 15 years of synthetic turf installation experience, we hope Cascade Greens LLC is your top choice for all your synthetic turf installation and maintenance needs.  Call or email today for a free site visit!